Publishing and co-publishing

Music publishing and co-publishing for original pieces.

Catalogue management

Catalogue management for songwriters, record companies, singers, audiovisual and video game production houses.

International sub-publishing

Global representation of catalogues via an international network of sub-publishers located in more than 40 countries.

360-degree acquisition of catalogues

Acquisition of music catalogues, copyrights, master recordings, and neighbouring rights.

International rights clearance

International rights clearance service for various Canadian and international companies.

Management of neighbouring rights

Management of neighbouring rights for singers and producers across Canada and abroad.

Sync licensing of master recordings

Management of sync licensing requests for self-producing artists and record companies.

Sync licensing representation

Management of sync licensing requests for songwriters, whether self-published or not.

Registration of works for singer-songwriters

Declaration of works submitted to the SOC for singer-songwriters.

Registration of works for producers and broadcasters

Declaration of works submitted to the SOC for producers and broadcasters

Financial evaluation

Financial evaluation of copyrights, music catalogues, neighbouring rights, and master recording catalogues.

Digital distribution

International digital distribution of independent productions.

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